Please watch the sodium content when adding human foods to kibble,  Deli meats are NOT good for animals-they are loaded with sodium and nitrates!  Learn to read labels carefully.


Kibble (dry dog food) is best hydrated with good quality warm water.   Foods with citric acid should NOT be hydrated.

Advantages are:

  • Dog not subject to bloat
  • Controls weight as dog feels fuller with moistened food
  • Dry food overworks the digestive system as it works harder to process.
  • Kibble is a dehydrated food and should be hydrated.
  • Chewing kibble creates plaque. Dogs are not innately chewers and the kibble when crushed, becomes partially liquified by saliva, encouraging adhesion to the teeth. Dry food does not keep the teeth clean!

Feed your dog a meal-do not just put down a bowl of kibble. Soak food in water about 10-15 minutes then add canned food, vegetables, egg, low fat yogurt or kefir (at least 3 times a week) chicken, ground beef or turkey (no fat, skin or seasonings) and any supplements. Feed warm or at room temperature as it is best for digestion. Always mix old and new foods to avoid stomach upset starting with 3/4 of the old food to 1/4 of the new.


 is a big concern with our companions.  Since there are many carcinogens, fluorides etc. in our water, imagine the effect it has on their systems which are faster than ours and in some cases, they weigh much less than us. You can put a reverse osmosis system on your drinking water or buy distilled water (especially important for ill animals).

Our goal is to provide good natural food and products to help extend and enhance the life of your pet.

Any opinion expressed by Pawsitively Natural are personal opinions and we advise you to check with your veterinarian before changing your pet's diet.