1. Grain based food that has meat and grain proteins.
2. No grain with meat, vegtables and fruits.
3. Raw, frozen food.
4. Pre-mixes, with or without grain.

When deciding on a new food for your companion, these are your selections and you choose one according to the age, needs and lifestyle of your pet. We are here to help you understand the various choices and select one according to your particular situation, budget and comfort level.

Come in for a consultation, take some literature and samples, and take a look at how far pet food has come. We try and stock a combination of quality, natural foods with no glutens or cheap sources of protein.

Understand that meat protein is very different from gluten protein. Gluten (think glue) fills up an animal and expands when it is wet. They cannot get good health from it and since it is inexpensive, many manufacturers use it in their foods. Since much of it is obtained outside the U.S., you must be really selective and learn to read ingredients-know what you are paying for!

Most of our quality foods, when compared pound for pound, are the same price you are currently paying for inferior food. Glutens and by-products do not produce good health.

  • Orijen Dr. Harvey’s Canine Health

  • Taste of the Wild Honest Kitchen

  • Nature's Variety Sojo’s

  • Real Meat Stella and Chewies

  • Merrick Bravo

  • Earthborn Primal

  • Canidae Pure Blue Ridge Beef

  • Canidae Weruva

  • Acana

  • Fromm

  • Evangers

  • Zignature

  • Nulo

  • Open Farm

  • Health Extension