CAT FOODS AND PRODUCTS - We recommend raw or canned food for cats with a grain-free kibble used supplementally. Cats are true carnivores and require meat protein.

Also available: Kitty litter, cat grass, hairball gel, cat oil, cat treats, beds, toys, organic catnip ,litter boxes, Kitty Kaviar, collars, nail clippers, dry shampoos, ear cleaners and many supplements.


INDOOR CATS should be fed primarily wet foods as dry foods are grain based and can cause problems. Cats are carnivores, not omnivores, and their system gets overworked if fed just dry food. Since cats systems are meant to digest mice, birds and other living things, we go against their digestive processes when feeding dry, hard food. It is not natural for cats to drink much water as they derive moisture from the bodily fluids of the creatures they eat.


  • Some cats do not like water placed near their food?
  • Some cats eat plants because they crave greens? Cat grass works well.
  • Cats should not have food too hot or cold. If using refrigerated food, warm a few seconds in microwave and bring to room temperature. Also, adding a few drops of water to thin out food works well.
  • Some cats need hairball gel, especially indoor cats. Use natural, petroleum free products. Feline digestive enzymes also keep their systems working efficiently.
  • Try not to use tap water - distilled is preferred, especially with health issues. Town/city water has carcinogens which can be a hazard to your animal.
  • Constipation in cats occurs frequently and is aided by a few drops of olive oil in each meal.